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Editorial Team

Maria Brueva
Maria Brueva
Chief editor - Publisher - Smart Building and Metalworking
Milton d’Silva
Milton d’Silva - Technical Article editor
Kathryn Elagio
Kathryn Elagio - Technical Article editor
Ajay Sundeep
Ajay Sundeep - Aeronautics
Silvia Brun Ferrera.jpg
Silvia Brun Ferrera - Automation - Revista Automação
Vinoth Kumar
Vinoth Kumar - Construction Equipment
Lekshman Ramdas
Lekshman Ramdas - Food Process & Packaging Automation
Vignesh Ravi
Vignesh Ravi - Medical Devices
Prithiviraj Mohan
Prithiviraj Mohan - Automotive
Joshua Shepherd
Joshua Shepherd - Automation
Nishanth Rajendra
Nishanth Rajendra - Electronics
Romila d’Silva
Romila d’Silva - Industry
Pierre Bony
Pierre Bony - Railway
Nicolas BONYNicolas Bony - Induportals Media Publishing